About GURA







The studio started in 2009, with 6 artist based in Kyoto. Now it has 9 members. The building, which had been used as a sake storehouse, was revamped by the artist for their creation. GURA named after the Japanese word "gura", means "a storehouse for something". ("kura" is just "a storehouse". When it has some specific purpose the reading changes to "gura", like "saka-gura" is a sake storehouse or "kome-gura"  a rice granary. ) The abbreviated anlaut shows a desire that GURA could be a flexible and multiple place, and actually it is because some members uses the place as living spaces.
No serious rules, used freely by each members with various purposes, and sometimes they work together. There is a sharing space not only for the members but also for others. Big drinking parties and exhibitions with outside artists are held about once per 2 months. The concept of these sessions is "always initialed by creators".  





八雄/畑昂太、田中良、宮永亮(MIYANAGA Akira)、出川晋、鮫島ゆい、松本知佳、今尾拓真













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